The MartinDuo Visit The Gates In Central Park
Monday, February 21, 2005

High view from Belvedere Castle. Posted by Hello

Ridge line view with Central Park West tower. Posted by Hello

Down to the trees Posted by Hello

A view from off the path, through the trees Posted by Hello
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This view is looking south over the Pond towards the corner of Central Park South and Fifth Avenue. Ice remains, but the temperature today was 54. Posted by Hello

This a view looking north over the Pond at the south east corner of the park. Some ice is left on the water. Posted by Hello
Sunday, February 13, 2005

Today, Sunday, we had bright sunshine in Central Park which gave the Gates a different look. There were more shadows and you can see the shadows of the trees on the fabric. Posted by Hello

We spent the morning in the Northern part of the Park. Here is a mini-panaroma taken on the Great Hill. Posted by Hello

Harlem Meer with the ice on it.  Posted by Hello

The last remnants of snow up by Harlem Meer. Posted by Hello

The saffron fabric is rip-stop nylon. It makes a swishy sound when the wind blows the fabric around. Posted by Hello

The curtains were made in Germany. The fabric along with the steel and all of the other materials used for the project will be recycled after the art is taken down. Posted by Hello

We had a good breeze today to blow the fabric around. Posted by Hello

Volunteers were all throughout the park and they were quite knowledgeable as they had all worked on the project for awhile. They were handing out fabric samples so you could feel it without jumping up. Posted by Hello

The crowds were a little lighter up by the North Meadow, but it still seemed like a lot of people in the Park. Posted by Hello

The shadows of the tree branches were especially lovely today in the sun. Posted by Hello

We talked to several volunteers today from places like Queens, South Orange, NJ, Portland, OR and even Switzerland. This guy is from the East Village and he uses that pole with the tennis ball on it to untangled the fabric when the wind blows it over the top. These are the same poles they used yesterday to unzip and release the curtains, using the hook underneath the ball. Posted by Hello
Saturday, February 12, 2005

Path out toward 79th Street. Posted by Hello

There was a small breeze today. Posted by Hello

On the way to the Boat Pond. Posted by Hello

On the path past "Dog Hill". Posted by Hello

The sun makes a brief appearance. Posted by Hello

A lot of people are out today. Most of them have cameras. Posted by Hello

Here is another gate unrolling after being unzipped. Posted by Hello

The gate is unrolling after being freed from its container. A zipper was just opened by someone with a long pole with a hook on the end. Posted by Hello

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